The Thiin-Mah Warriyangka Tharrkari Jiwarli people celebrate native title

Posted: April 18th, 2019


Photo: Justice Bernard Murphy with the Thiin-Mah Warriyangka Tharrkari Jiwarli people at the native title determination

At a Federal Court hearing on 16 April 2019 – at Gascoyne Junction, on neighbouring Yingaarda Country, WA – the Thiin-Mah Warriyangka Tharrkari Jiwarli (Thin-mar, Worry-anga, Thuc-ari, Ji-warli) people were formally recognised by the Federal Court as native title holders.

The judgement made by Justice Murphy recognised the native title rights and interests held by the Combined Thiin-Mah Warriyangka Tharrkari Jiwarli peoples’ in relation to the land covered by the Determination Area.

The determination area covers approximately 6,804 square kilometres of land lying within the Shires of Ashburton, Carnarvon and Upper Gascoyne.

The Thiin-Mah Warriyangka Tharrkari Jiwarli people have maintained a traditional connection to this area since time immemorial, with a vibrant living culture maintained through stories, spiritual connections to the ancestors and Country, caring for and managing Country and waters, and by passing on traditional knowledge through each generation. Thiin-Mah Warriyangka Tharrkari Jiwarli people have a strong connection to their land and waters through their intrinsic local knowledge of its natural resources and the land.

Traditional Owner, Herbert Eagles, said, “We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, and I know that they would be proud that our connection to Country has been honoured today by the Federal Court.

“We can now look forward to the future and creating a legacy for our children and our children’s children,” Mr Eagles said.

Traditional Owner Ben Roberts added, “Today means everything – Ngurra – Country. It’s been a good journey with the people, we have walked together, and will continue to walk together every step of the way – to see a different world, to see a different future. This is for the past and the present, this is for the children,” said Ben Roberts.

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