Country, Culture, People, Future

Board of Directors

Natalie Parker

Co-Chairperson, Pilbara Region - Board of Directors, Chairperson - Pilbara Regional Committee

Natalie is a Nyiyaparli woman from the central Pilbara region who is well known in the community for her leadership capacity.

Natalie represents her community on the board of the Gumula Aboriginal Corporation, Gumula Enterprises Pty Ltd, Meta Maya Aboriginal Corporation as well as being the representative for Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation (YMAC) as a Director of Pilbara Solar Pty Ltd.

Natalie enjoys camping on country and spending quality time with her grandchildren. Her aspirations for the future include improvements in health, education and economic opportunities for Aboriginal people. She also would like to see the recognition of culture and a strong future for all.

Natalie is the YMAC Co-Chairperson – Pilbara Regional Committee.

Peter Windie

Co-Chairperson, Yamatji Region - Board of Directors, Chairperson - Yamatji Regional Committee

Peter is a Thudgari man who played an integral leadership role in his peoples’ Native Title Determination in 2009. He was also an applicant on the combined Thiin-Mah Warriyangka Tharrkari Jiwarli native title claim, determined in 2019.

Peter lives in Gascoyne Junction in Western Australia, and is a well-respected community leader in the region. In early 2020, he was appointed Director to Pilbara Solar, a renewable energy company which develops commercial renewable energy projects that offer an equity position for Traditional Owners. He is passionate about Country and the depth Aboriginal people are spiritually connected to the land.

Doris Eaton

Deputy Co-Chairperson, Pilbara Region - Board of Directors, Deputy Chairperson - Pilbara Regional Committee

Mrs Eaton is a Njamal woman from the eastern Pilbara region and in 2009 was named NAIDOC’s female elder of the year.

Mrs Eaton has been involved in health programs for Aboriginal women and children, care for the elderly and has completed studies at the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education in Darwin.

Mrs Eaton’s driving force is to ensure that younger generations learn strong culture and law from their elders.

Deborah Oakley

Deputy Co-Chairperson, Yamatji Region - Board of Directors, Deputy Chairperson - Yamatji Regional Committee

Deborah is a Malgana woman. She currently works with the Carnarvon Aboriginal Medical Service and looks forward to contributing her cultural knowledge and skills towards her work for the Yamatji Regional Committee and Board of Directors.

Country is very precious to Deborah’s heart. For her, Country goes way back to ancestors and now it is up to the current and younger generations to respect what is here.

Deborah is very active and in her spare time enjoys the outdoors, visiting family and friends, sharing stories of the good old days, singing and dancing and sport, especially football and basketball.



Richard Oakley

Richard is a Malgana man from Carnarvon who is actively involved in his community and has experience working on a variety of boards and committees for community organisations.

Richard has been involved in native title for a long time. Access to Country to be able to pass on lore and culture to is very important to him. Richard would like to see recognition for all Aboriginal people and believes it is important for Aboriginal people unite and work together to protect their culture and Country.

Richard was elected to the Board of Directors and the Yamatji Regional Committee at the Yamatji Annual Regional Meeting on 30th November 2014.


Cicily Dowden

Cicily is a Wajarri woman and a resident of Carnarvon. She works as a transport officer for the Carnarvon Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation and is a dedicated mother and grandmother.

Cicily is pleased to be a member of the Yamatji Committee so she can work towards her vision for the future. Her aims for the future includes the passing on the knowledge to Aboriginal children to know their culture, language and heritage.

She looks forward to seeing her grandchildren learning their languages from both sides of her family.

In her spare time, Cicily loves gardening and learning about Wajarri Country.

Sharna Oakley

Sharna is a Malgana woman who grew up in Carnarvon. Sharna is pleased to serve as a committee member as it will give her the opportunity to learn more about YMAC’s operations and provide input on issues that matter. As a committee member, Sharna hopes to see the Aboriginal people who are fighting for their land have access given back to them so that the elders can teach the younger generation about the land and its background. June was elected to the committee in 2019, and re-elected in November 2022.

Albert Winder

Albert is a Malgana man who grew up in Carnarvon and then moved away for about 30 years to live and work in Perth. He recently made the move back to Carnarvon around four years ago.

Albert became a Yamatji Regional Committee member so that he could get involved in Aboriginal matters affecting the community. He was elected as a Director on YMAC’s Board in December 2018.

Ivan Smirke

Ivan Smirke is a member of the Jurruru Working Group, and was elected to the Pilbara Regional Committee in August 2014. Check back soon for a full profile.

Raylene Button

Raylene was elected to the Pilbara Regional Committee in February 2022. Check back soon for a full profile.

Selina Stewart

Selina is a Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura (PKKP) Traditional Owner and a devoted mother and grandmother.

Selina grew up in Carnarvon and Port Hedland and currently lives in Perth. She has spent ten years working to gain Native Title recognition for her community and has fond memories of learning about her Country from her father and grandmother.

Her drive to serve her community is inspired by her father, who was actively involved in Native Title and made sure his daughters could continue in his footsteps.

Diane Stewart

Diane is a Nyangumarta woman who has been actively involved in the Nyangumarta Warrarn Aboriginal Corporation (Prescribed Body Corporate) after being inspired by elders who worked towards the 2009 Nyangumarta determination.

Diane was born in Port Hedland and continues to live there today, and is proud that her family of five generations continues to have such a strong connection to country. Diane feels a great sense of belonging when she spends time on country with her family, learning hunting and gathering.

Diane works as an Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer working with students, parents and the community for better outcomes for Indigenous students.
She was elected to the Pilbara Regional Committee in February 2012, and to the Board of Directors in August 2012

Nora Cooke

Nora is an Ngarla woman who played an integral role in her people’s native title determination in 2007.

Nora enjoys the bush life in the Pilbara, including fishing, camping, cooking and hunting. Nora has an in-depth understanding of bush medicine and provides advice to people seeking bush medicine treatments. She also practices her culture by teaching several Aboriginal languages and running cultural awareness training at mine sites and at the Wangka Maya Language Centre.

To Nora, Country means to live freely on the land, gathering food and hunting.