Terry Jaffrey

Posted: December 31st, 2007

Terry is from the Western Shaw River and a member of the Palyku claim group. He has a long relationship with YMAC and has been an active supporter of native title since 2006. After six years of being a committee member, he took a short break to fulfil professional obligations as Terry liaises with mining proponents and advises on the best interests for his group. He was re-elected to the Pilbara Regional Committee in 2012 and elected to the Board of Directors in November 2014 and again in November 2022.

Terry was originally involved in the Woodstock/Abydos Heritage Project, located in the East Pilbara region within the traditional Country of the Kariyarra and Palyku people. The area contains numerous sites of cultural and historical importance, including mythological, ceremonial, artefacts, engravings and paintings. This area is currently state heritage-listed, after extensive work. It is Terry’s dream to have this area nationally recognised and eventually world heritage-listed.