YMAC Regional Committee and Board of Directors Meetings

Posted: May 11th, 2011

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Last week the Yamatji Regional Committee and the Pilbara Regional Committee met in Exmouth for the second Regional Committee meetings of 2011. The Regional Committee meetings were followed by a meeting of the Board of Directors.

Attendance was high as the Board and Committee members met to discuss YMAC’s policy direction. The Board and Committees received updates from legal, research and communications units, and an overview of YMAC’s achievements since the last Committee meetings. The Committee members also used the opportunity to discuss heritage and cultural issues in the regions.

YMAC is run by our Board of Directors made up of 12 Aboriginal people who have been chosen by our members from the Regional Committees. The Board of Directors makes important policy decisions and sets the direction for YMAC.

Both regions have their own Regional Committee to represent the concerns and interests of the different communities in their region. Each region elects its own Regional Committee members.

All members are eligible to nominate for their Regional Committee. Membership is open to all Yamatji and Marlpa adults. If you would like to become a YMAC member click here to download a YMAC membership form.