YMAC offers referral support to the Pilbara

Posted: May 15th, 2020

In response to a recent request from the Department of Communities’ Pilbara Incident Management Team, YMAC’s Hedland Office staff have offered to act as a referral agent for those members currently living in the Pilbara region who may be experiencing hardship due to COVID-19.

The department’s regional office has stated:

Individuals and families in the Pilbara may, at different times, need welfare support as a result of COVID-19. We are conscious that some people may have difficulties contacting the State Emergency Relief Hotline. To overcome this we are keen to identify organisations that have relationships in community and can refer people who may require welfare support to our Incident Management team. This will help to ensure people are able to access the support they need.

YMAC has agreed to be a referral agent to be able to help support our Pilbara-based members. This involves helping you to navigate this process such as completing forms, during the COVID-19 response.

Please note, the department has also provided the below eligibility criteria for assistance currently being provided. Accessing this support is a welfare response and provides coordinated assistance for people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eligible individuals and families are:

•         Suffering hardship as a result of assisting their family, household or others who have been placed under home quarantine or isolation during COVID 19;

•         Not able to access essentials due to the following: age, vulnerability (e.g. sick, disability etc.), remoteness, social issues (e.g. poverty, unemployment);

•         Have no other financial means to access support, nor have access to savings, Centrelink benefits or other payments;

•         Have exhausted all other avenues of formal and informal supports;

•         Currently not self-isolating as directed by WACHS;

•         A victim of unforeseen crisis;

•         Requiring support following family and domestic violence in the absence of existing support from services (Victim or Perpetrator) (Family Violence Screening must be done);

•         Supporting eligible stranded travellers in affected areas; and/or

•         Providing care for children and dependents of deceased or seriously ill individuals.

Should YMAC members living in the Pilbara region find themselves in need of help, as described above, please contact YMAC’s Business Support Officer based in Hedland, Leaine, on 0457 311 462