Upcoming community and practitioner workshops to reduce risk of stillbirth for Pilbara Aboriginal women

Posted: September 19th, 2022

Currently, Aboriginal women experience stillbirth at two- to three-times the rate of non-Aboriginal women. Improved knowledge sharing and awareness raising on this important issue needs to occur, so culturally-appropriate efforts that reduce rates of stillbirth can be better understood and introduced as part of the healthcare services Aboriginal women access.

To help address this critical issue, the Pilbara Aboriginal Voice (Kakurrka Muri) (PAV), which YMAC provides secretariat support, has recently commenced working with Still Aware, a national body whose mission is to raise awareness about stillbirth and ways to reduce its risk. Specifically, a working group has been formed to co-design related resources with and for the Pilbara Aboriginal community.

As part of this collaboration, a number of community and practitioner workshops are being held in the region, the next of which are taking place in Karratha Wednesday, 19 through Friday, 21 October 2022. For more information about each of the workshops being organised, please see the below flyers.

  1. Community Workshop (Wednesday, 19 October)
  2. WISDOM (Community) Workshop (Thursday, 20 and Friday 21 October)
  3. Still Aware (Practitioner) Workshop (Thursday, 20 and Friday 21 October)