Raylene Button

Posted: February 4th, 2022

Raylene is a Kariyarra-Yindjibarndi-Palyku woman from the Mampulunya-Kularnunya-Tjinapi-Jarlingarli-Julimanga clan and Purungu/Karimarra skin group. Born in Port Hedland, she is deeply passionate about creating a positive future for her people. Raylene is the founder and director of Mampulunya Kariyarra, a business providing cultural awareness training, on-Country tours, cultural advice and consulting services. She is university educated and known for her abilities in comprehending the complex negotiations and discussion that occurs in the native title process.

Raylene is proud of her role in founding the Hedland Aboriginal Strong Leaders (HASL)/Julyardi Aboriginal Corporation that has 27 Elders across 14 Pilbara/desert language groups – they teach leaderships skills, culture/heritage knowledge and land management negotiation skills, encouraging children to pursue their dreams. She is highly respected for many other major contributions she has made to her local community and is continuously working with governments at a state, local and federal level. Raylene was elected to the Pilbara Regional Committee in November 2021 and Board of Directors in February 2022.