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Learning about country and culture

Posted: August 22nd, 2010

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This month, YMAC staff and Directors participated in cultural awareness training at 80 Mile Beach on Nyangumarta country. Staff were taken by the Nyangumarta people to visit sites fo significance, to fish and hunt traditional foods. Nights around the campfire were spent listening to dreamtime stories, learning traditional dances and hearing about the Aboriginal kinship system. Damper making and hunting turkey were favourite activities resulting in tasty camp cook-ups. Thanks to the Nyangumarta people for the wonderful experiences and memories of the trip.

YMAC’s Cris Olegario wins Australia Day Citizenship Award

Posted: January 29th, 2010

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Congratulations to YMAC’s Business Development Officer, Cris Olegario in the South Hedland office, who on Tuesday 26 January, was presented with two awards in the Premier’s Australia Day Active Citizenship Award.

Cris was awarded in two categories for his tireless work towards the Aboriginal Communities Charitable Organisation. 

The catergories were;
1) For an individual that is doing excellent services to the Indigenous community; and
2) For an organisation that is providing excellent services to the community.

YMAC’s Board of Directors, Management and staff congratulate Cris and thank him for his contribution to the Pilbara community.