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Our Approach

Our Approach

YMAC is working to strengthen the support provided to Traditional Owners by listening to these changing and growing needs.

Nyangumarta Rangers, photo: Volker Mischker

Nyangumarta Rangers (photo: Volker Mischker)

As an existing long-term, not-for-profit provider,  we can join you as a strategic partner. We understand and respect that Aboriginal organisations want greater opportunities to develop their services, and control their business into the future.

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YMAC offers independent advice to meet your objectives, backed by over 25 years experience working with Aboriginal communities.

We creates ethical partnerships and collaborative projects to let Traditional Owners meet their aspirations.

We believe in the strength that comes from combining traditional cultural knowledge with the support of corporate and technical experience. We are problem-solvers who support our partners with a respectful and culturally-appropriate approach, stemming from years of experience.

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