MEDIA STATEMENT: YMAC welcomes release of draft Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill

Posted: September 2nd, 2020

YMAC has welcomed the release of the draft Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill 2020 by the State Government today for consultation.

“We will be taking the time to go through the draft, but right now our main priority is to ensure that Traditional Owners and Aboriginal groups have the appropriate timeframe to review the bill in detail,” YMAC CEO Simon Hawkins said.

“Above all this bill will impact Aboriginal people. We want to ensure they have time to absorb the proposed bill, and the impact it will have on them,” he said.

“YMAC made a submission to the Juukan Gorge inquiry about the issues with the current Aboriginal Heritage Act (1972), and we want to see that these have been addressed in the draft bill so that Aboriginal people have the power to protect their heritage now and in the future.”

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