Federal Direct Enrolment Update – Trial for people living in remote communities

Posted: September 29th, 2022

As part of its broader Indigenous Electoral Participation Program, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is introducing a new initiative – the Federal Direct Enrolment Update (FDEU) – in an effort to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ enrolment rates.

In Western Australia, the AEC will be trialling the FDEU program in:

  • Broome
  • Cable Beach
  • Dampier Peninsula
  • Derby
  • Geraldton
  • Northampton
  • Perth

Using information available from other government agencies, people living in the trial locations who are not yet enrolled, but who are eligible to enrol, will get a letter from the AEC.

This letter will let you know that the AEC intends to add your name and address to the electoral roll in 28 days.

If your details are correct, you do not need to reply to the letter or do anything else.

If your details are incorrect, you have the 28 days to respond and update them.

If the letter is sent to someone no longer live at that address, it should be ‘returned to sender’, so the AEC will know not to enrol that person at that address.

Further information about the FDEU is available at: aec.gov.au/Enrolling_to_vote/About_Electoral_Roll/direct.htm

Or, if you have any questions about the trials, you can contact Charlene Pollard at the AEC directly on (08) 6363 8029 or Charlene.Pollard@aec.gov.au.