Events in 2021 to recognise the 1946 Pilbara Strike

Posted: April 22nd, 2021

The 75th Anniversary of the 1946 Pilbara Strike is on Saturday, 1 May.

This significant event continues to have a far-reaching impact on Indigenous human rights in Australia and has influenced the development of events like the On-Country Bush Meeting at Yule River.

To commemorate the anniversary, working groups are coordinating events across Western Australia, commencing in May.

One of the many groups is known as Remembering the 1946 Pilbara Strike Working Group, and is made up of family members of strikers, and interested supporters from Perth and the Pilbara.

If you would like to support these and more events to ensure the Pilbara Strike is recognised in Australia’s history, please check the facebook page for updates on events: Remembering the 1946 Pilbara Strike | Facebook