Donny Wilson, YMAC Regional Manager Pilbara, promotes Yule River on CAAMA Radio

Posted: July 5th, 2018

Donny Wilson, YMAC Regional Manager (Pilbara) was interviewed by CAAMA radio about the 2018 Annual On-Country Bush Meeting at Yule River meeting place. He describes the purpose and structure of the Yule River event, and mentions the special guests from State and Federal government. This interview has raised awareness of the work of YMAC to a new audience.

Listen to the interview here: Donny Wilson on CAAMA Radio

About CAAMA Radio

CAAMA began operations in 1980 and was the first Aboriginal organisation to be allocated a broadcasting license. CAAMA serves the Aboriginal people of Central Australia through a network of 11 regional radio stations in the Northern Territory. Its  focus is on the social, cultural and economic advancement of Aboriginal peoples. CAAMA promotes and shares Aboriginal culture, language, dance, and music while generating economic and social benefits in the form of training, employment and income generation.