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Weld Range National Heritage Listing

Weld Range National Heritage Listing

The Weld Range is a very special place for Aboriginal people in Western Australia. The Wajarri Yamatji people are the Traditional Owners of the Weld Range and its famous ochre mine, Wilgie Mia. Aboriginal people from across Australia have been coming to mine ochre from Wilgie Mia for thousands of years.

At the request of the Wajarri Yamatji people, YMAC worked with several senior and knowledgeable Wajarri people over a period of years to research and record the importance of the Weld Range, and in 2011 its National Heritage Listing was formally announced.

The 45ha area of the National Heritage Listing includes Wilgie Mia, Little Wilgie Mia and the Marlu Resting Place. These sites contain sacred law grounds, dreamtime places, thousands of examples of rock art, extensive archaeological material, and the Wilgie Mia red ochre mine.

The Weld Range remains an important place for Wajarri Yamatji families to camp, hunt and collect traditional bush food and medicine. With the protection afforded by the National Heritage Listing, the Weld Range can now be protected from unsustainable development and enjoyed by future generations.