Carbon Farming Outreach Program

Posted: September 7th, 2023

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The University of Melbourne, with support from project partners Carbon Industry Network ICIN and IPS management consultants are designing a new ‘Train the Trainer’ Carbon Farming Outreach program funded by the Australian Government. This involves creating information and training resources to ensure information about carbon farming is accessible and easy to understand.

The program will then be used to support Carbon Outreach by trainers supported by the Australian Government in the second phase of the project.

ICIN and IPS are working together to maximise and increase First Nations participation in carbon markets through the Carbon Outreach Program by ensuring the design of these materials are useful to First Nations people.

To do this the team are running consultation workshops with First Nations people and representatives from First Nations organisations, facilitated by Noongar Wardandi woman Katie Clarke. They would like to hear from as many First Nations people as possible, whether or not you already work on a carbon project.

In the workshops they will be asking:
• What have you learned from your experience about delivering information about carbon markets? What works and what doesn’t work?
• What existing resources do you find useful, what resources are missing?
• What learning and teaching methods do you consider to be best practice?
• How can we make this carbon outreach program more accessible?

Face-to-face workshops
The IPS team will be visiting four locations to facilitate focus groups and interviews with support from ICIN.

Register for one of the workshops via the links below.
If you are unavailable on those dates but would still like to participate, reach out to Nina Smith on


Region Date/time
Geraldton September 13, 10am-2pm, register  
Cairns September 19, 10am-2pm, register

Online workshop

Online  September 14, 10.30am-12.30pm, register


For more information, read the ICIN’s Indigenous Carbon Projects Guide, this resource will be reviewed as part of the project.

About the project

The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) has contracted the University of Melbourne to develop a Carbon Farming Outreach Program.
ICIN and IPS have been engaged through University of Melbourne to assist with embedding First Nations voices and perspectives into this project.

During the initial consultation, the project is seeking First Nations expertise and experience to guide the development of content that is culturally appropriate and accessible for First Nations carbon farming enterprises, and that embeds First Nations perspectives to guide everyone who participates in the program in Caring for Country principles.

Learn more about IPS and find out more about ICIN.