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Land Services

Lands Services

When sound land governance can be achieved, land tenure can offer rewarding economic, social, and cultural outcomes for Traditional Owners.

YMAC’s Lands Services team can provide information about how land ownership and the use of land can empower you and your corporation. The team is focused on helping you navigate the system to achieve positive tenure outcomes for all stakeholders by providing advice and support in the administration and management of land assets and projects.

What is Land Tenure?

Land tenure is the way a party / person holds or occupies an area of land. It is a way of identifying who has the right to use and occupy land according to the different types of ownership.

Land in Western Australia generally falls within two categories:

Types of Crown land tenure can include:

Why is Land Tenure so important?

Land can be a tangible asset and forms the basis for the existence of all cultures and is vital to achieving environmental, social, cultural and economic outcomes.

I have native title, why do I need land tenure?

There are fundamental differences between land rights and native title. Land rights are rights created by state or territory governments. Land rights usually comprise a grant of freehold or perpetual lease title to Indigenous Australians.

By contrast, native title arises as a result of the recognition, under Australian common law, of pre-existing Indigenous rights and interests according to traditional laws and customs. Native title is not a grant or right created by governments. Find out more at:

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