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Joint Management Forum

YMAC is currently developing content and making arrangements to host an online ‘Joint Management Forum’. This free event will be held Tuesday, 13 and Wednesday, 14 September 2022. It is anticipated the forum will be attended by Western Australian Traditional Owners and their representative organisations that have experienced joint management firsthand, as well as those that are starting to negotiate similar arrangements; with the idea being they can share what has been learned across the sector to identify what works, the challenges, and strategies to reduce risk and grow strong partnerships for the benefit of everyone. It is proposed that presentations and panel discussions will focus on WA-specific experiences (Day One), as well as other examples from across Australia (Day Two). Currently, topics and issues many of the presenters will be asked to address include:
  • overview of process/es undertaken to-date;
  • highlights experienced;
  • challenges faced;
  • lessons learned;
  • how they would do things differently in hindsight; and
  • possible future opportunities and aspirations.
Further, experts in the field will also be asked to provide more generalised summaries of joint management practice relevant to the jurisdictions being discussed at the start of each day, and the WA Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions has also been invited to present on Day One regarding its current joint management approaches and potential future directions. To further assist our planning, YMAC welcomes suggestions from interested attendees about any other particular topics or issues they would like to learn about at the forum! Should you have any ideas and/or specific requests about information you would like to have covered, please let us know and we will endeavour to accommodate. To register your interest in receiving updates, make suggestions and/or ask questions, please contact Projects Coordinator, Teri O’Neill (E:; P: 0418 115 908).