Country, Culture, People, Future

Burringurrah (Wajarri Yamatji)

YMAC’s latest ranger project, entitled ‘Protecting cultural assets and traditional knowledge in the Burringurrah (Mt Augustus) complex’, officially started at the end of 2019.

It is supported through the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) ‘Aboriginal Ranger Program’ funding initiative. Meenangu Wajarri Aboriginal Corporation (MWAC) is the project’s lead organisation, with YMAC delivering services to implement the work plan. Six rangers have started casual employment with MWAC, with more expected to join the group in future.

Several field trips and a workshop were organised in 2020, enabling a first assessment of significant cultural sites and key threatening processes, complemented by a thorough desktop review based on information available to YMAC.

The next steps of this project will include further field trips, formal and informal training, collection of TEK, and various on-Country works such as track clearing and reconciliation, signage and marking, spring and water point cleaning, and so on.

MWAC and YMAC have also successfully secured a small grant from Country Needs People to kick-start the consultation process around the potential to create an Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) in the Burringurrah complex.