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Heritage Protection

Heritage Protection

The Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 recognises Aboriginal people’s strong connection to country and says what kinds of places and objects need to be protected.

When a company wants to access country for development or mining they should first undertake a survey to find out if there are any Aboriginal heritage sites in the area. Native title claim groups make the decision on heritage survey teams and who represents a particular area of country.

YMAC undertakes one of the largest heritage survey programs in Australia. We work with Aboriginal people to provide professional and culturally appropriate heritage surveys for companies wanting to do business on country. Our services include organising archaeological and ethnographic surveys, salvage of sites and monitors for earth disturbing works in sensitive areas.

Our new heritage survey request form should be used for all heritage survey requests. Completed heritage survey request forms should be sent to or Heritage Notice, YMAC, PO Box 3072, 249 Hay St, East Perth, WA 6892.

YMAC Heritage Survey Request Form

For more information please contact your nearest YMAC office.






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