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What is Spatial Data and GIS?

For many of us, ‘spatial data’ simply means a printed map. However, there is a lot more to spatial data. When we look at a site on Country, there is a lot more associated information about it – like its location, its name, or how and why it’s an important area to the Traditional Owners.

Collectively, all this information is referred to as spatial data, which is stored and viewed as part of a Geographical Information System, or GIS. Spatial data can be viewed digitally through interactive maps, three dimensional displays, and virtual reality.

About Us

YMAC Geospatial provides a one stop solution for Traditional Owners and land owner groups.

By analysing different types of spatial data, we can provide Traditional Owners with the tools to get a more complete and meaningful visual representation of their Country.

These tools will equip Traditional Owners to make more informed decisions about proposed activities that may impact environmental and cultural values – including songline tracks, sacred site locations and other culturally significant areas.

Our team (hyperlink to pdf of team profiles) is responsible for the overall management of geospatial data produced by YMAC for its work with Traditional Owners.  This includes native title research, and mapping of cultural and heritage sites.

Services include:

If you have a GIS or Spatial enquiry or would like more information, please contact us.